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The Green, Green Plants of Home

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

You could write the sum of my gardening knowledge on the back of a postcard, yet less than a year ago, I moved to a house in which there was a well used veg garden, and remnants of established borders, run a little to ruin. I had to learn fast!

I'm still getting there, but one thing that has changed, is that i am now getting more excited for two things: The Cherington Show horticulture and flower competitions, and the Plant Stall!

The Show has a proud history of showing the villagers (and others) cultivation efforts for the last 70 plus years, and if you visit our church near the green on show day, 21st July, you will find beautifully arranged flowers filling the building with the most marvellous scent.

The Plant Stall team have been growing wonderful plants for their stall this year, which we will be selling with pots, some garden implements and so on.

But the real question is: how can i stop myself buying masses of plants myself for my garden, after being inspired by the competitions?

Come and see for yourself on Sunday 21st July 2019, in Cherington GL8 8SN


Photos kindly donated by Ross Domanski and Henry Arden

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