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No Brics and No Bracs!

Hurrah! We are getting really excited about our September Cherington Show on Sunday 19th Sept from 2pm to 5pm and looking forward to making it as enjoyable as possible for you!

Lots of you have given us feedback about our fabulous bric-a-brac stall which is always a crowd pleaser as it is filled to the brim with amazing ornaments, items and fabulousness donated by the generous villagers.

Don't tell anyone but I myself have purchased some amazing things at the end of the show which didn't sell, like an Onyx table lighter from the 1930s, a beautiful painting, a useful little Indian carved occasional table and more.

Who knows what will be on the stall this year? One thing I know for certain: Visit that stall early before the item you really need is sold to someone else! Starting at 2pm this stall is one not to be missed.

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