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🌟 A Grateful Salute to Our Cherished Sponsors: Cherington Forge, Tetbury Hardware, and Walter Bull❤️

The Cherington Show owes its success not only to the unwavering support of our community but also to the generosity and commitment of our esteemed sponsors. Join us in extending our heartfelt gratitude to Cherington Forge, Tetbury Hardware, and Walter Bull Jewelers for their invaluable contributions to our cherished event.

🔨 Cherington Forge, By G.L.C and R Williams:

Phone Number: 01666 505040

Cherington Forge, helmed by G.L.C and R Williams, stands as a bastion of tradition, carrying forward the legacy of blacksmithing with remarkable craftsmanship and expertise. They are the epitome of a local blacksmith, offering a diverse range of services including blacksmithing works, wooden and metal gates, and a wide array of bolts, hinges, and other essential items. As a token of their support, Cherington Forge will also be demonstrating their masterful blacksmith skills at the show. We extend our deepest appreciation to Cherington Forge for their unwavering support and dedication to preserving the art of blacksmithing.

🔧 Tetbury Hardware:

Phone Number: 01666 500353

A special thank you goes to Tetbury Hardware and its proprietor, Malc, whose Tetbury-based shop is a treasure trove of everything one could possibly need. Malc's unwavering support and dedication to the Cherington Show have been instrumental in ensuring its success. From household essentials to unique finds, Tetbury Hardware offers a wide range of products that cater to all your needs. We applaud Tetbury Hardware for their steadfast commitment to our community and their unwavering support of the Cherington Show.

💎 Walter Bull Jewelers:

Phone Number: 01285 653 875

A special mention and heartfelt thanks go to Walter Bull Jewelers, a cherished institution with a heritage spanning over 200 years. Known for their exquisite jewelry and silver collections, Walter Bull Jewelers not only offers stunning pieces but also provides exceptional repair services. Their steadfast support of the Cherington Show, including the supply and repair of our cherished trophies, showcases their commitment to celebrating the achievements and successes within our community. We extend our deepest gratitude to Walter Bull Jewelers for their enduring support and their dedication to preserving the beauty of fine craftsmanship.

The Cherington Show owes its success to the remarkable support and sponsorship from these esteemed businesses. We invite you to visit their websites and contact them directly to explore their exceptional services and products. Join us in acknowledging their invaluable contributions and show your appreciation for their dedication to both the Cherington Show and our community.

We extend our deepest thanks to the local benefactors whose financial support plays a pivotal role in bringing together a vibrant event for the community, showcasing their belief in the power of community and shared heritage. Our heartfelt appreciation also goes to the dedicated villagers who contribute their time and unwavering support, volunteering, organizing, and creating a remarkable experience. To all who generously donate goods, talents, and resources for the stalls, your invaluable contributions add a unique touch, making the Cherington Show a diverse and vibrant experience enjoyed by all.

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming Cherington Show, let us celebrate the spirit of community, heritage, and shared joy that unites us all. It is through the support and generosity of sponsors like Cherington Forge, Tetbury Hardware, and Walter Bull Jewelers that we can continue to create unforgettable experiences and moments of togetherness.

The Cherington Show extends its heartfelt thanks to our sponsors, benefactors and villagers. Let us come together and celebrate the rich tapestry of community and tradition that the Cherington Show represents.

Bring your cash and be prepared to help us raise funds towards our village hall and the church. The Show costs just £2 per car, payable in cash in the two car parks, one at either end of the village. Some stalls this year will have a card machine which is great news for any larger purchases you are tempted by!


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