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In training for the fun dog show!

Hector in training

We are delighted to be able to speak with one of the competitors of The Cherington Show Fun Dog Show, which is being held this year on Sunday 21st July from 1.30pm to 5pm, with the Fun Dog Show itself at 3pm.

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy Dog Show training regime. Can you tell the readers a little about yourself? 

‘Well my name is Hector Arden, and I live in Cherington. I suppose some people would call me a ‘Sprocker’ but i’m pretty sure i’m human, just like my Dad. We go everywhere together - in the car, on the farm, on the sofa, out to drinks and dinner, and especially training for the show. When i’m not with my Dad, i love to spend time with my cousins Goddess Venus and Prince Harold, and we have a great time sniffing lots of things.'

What is it you like most about the Cherington Show? 

‘Oh, i’ve only been twice before. It’s been going for sooooo long! I was born a couple of years ago, but I think the show is in it’s 75th year this year. That’s ancient! But i loved last year that there were so many dogs there both competing in the Fun Dog Show and just wandering around. I loved meeting new friends! There’s also loads of dog bins and water bowls dotted around, so i was never thirsty.’ 

So you love that it’s dog friendly. I really was asking what stalls or attractions did you like the most. 

‘Ah. That’s more difficult. Being my first year last year, I didn’t know what to expect. I did enjoy clearing up the lovely tasting cake crumbs from the floor around the tea tent, licking up drops of ice-cream which were melting in the heat, and hanging around the BBQ until i heard that they also sold something called ‘hot dogs’, so i high tailed it out of there! Down on the village green, i really liked taunting the rare breed sheep and birds, but the College Beagle pack stationed there soon told me off. I wasn’t so interested in the designer clothes, jams, books, vintage items, plants, kids fun area, tractors and so on, but the smell coming from the cooked crafts in the village hall was great! 

So what’s your favourite class at the Fun Dog Show itself? 

I would love it if there was a 'glossiest coat' class, or ‘most hyperactive’ class as i’m sure i would win. As it is, i have been practising very hard for the ‘most waggiest tail’ class. 

Any tips for other dogs who may be reading this and thinking of entering? 

Yes. I find that when parading through the village when Dad takes me to visit people, it is very important to practise swinging my bum left and right while my tail counter swings in the opposite direction. Keep it up all the way, and when you arrive at your destination, work that tail hard in a waggy sprint as you greet the person you are seeing. I call this technique ’s’wag’ger’. I learnt it from Dad. 

Hector, thanks for your time, and good luck with your training. 

The Cherington Show is in it’s 75th year this year, and still going strong. Come and spend the afternoon with us on Sunday 21st July 2019, from 1.30pm (BBQ only from 12.30pm). £2 per car, with parking at both ends of the village. The road will be closed to through traffic on the day. Loads of things to do, as above, plus much more. 

See our new website for details of horticulture and craft competitions including kids, as well as other information. Be sure to follow us on Facebook too! Search for our page ‘Cherington Show’.

We look forward to seeing you then! 

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